SKLD Ionia Couple Celebrates 71 Years

Doris and Roger Cochrun recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary at a private luncheon together at SKLD Ionia.

The couple met In Saranac, Michigan where they dated for a few minutes until Roger was drafted into the service for World War II. “Just before basic training my mother was having a special dinner for me and said I could invite one guest. Doris was the guest I picked.”

Roger then went to Germany where he was part of the replacement for the Battle of the Bulge. While he says it was difficult being over there for six months, letters from Doris gave him encouragement. “When other men weren’t getting any letters, I was getting letters from Doris. I got more letters from Doris than the whole platoon.”

The two first expressed their love for one another through letters and continued to get to know one another through correspondence. At the end of the war when Roger returned home, the two dated for one year before they were married in a private home of a relative in Saranac. As a wedding gift, the couple received $100 in a jar of change from Roger’s parents. They had been told about a job in Florida, so they took the money and headed south. However, the night before they arrived, the place burned to the ground. “It was still smoking when we got there.”

In spite of that rough beginning, the two shared many happy times. Their son and daughter-in-law were married on their same wedding anniversaries and the new bride and groom gave over the dance floor to them. At the age of 60, Roger retired, and the couple traveled the country for about 20 years in a blue van with an extended roof. They visited almost all the National Parks and went to Alaska four times. Roger and Doris fondly recall a trip to Alaska that included their daughter Linda and grandson Mark. At the end of their adventure they managed to visit every state. Of course, they highly recommend Hawaii for anyone who enjoys beautiful weather. 

When asked what’s their secret to a long and happy marriage, both Doris and Roger say: Love each other. And continue to love each other. 

Both Roger and Doris agree that they have had their differences in the past, but have always worked them out. They acknowledge that there are times in a relationship to give and take. You must consider each other as equals. You must want to work on it. And you must be honest to each other.