More like a hospital.

SKLD is more like a hospital than a typical nursing home. 

From the scope and caliber of our staff, to our clinical capabilities and our ability to honor personal preferences, SKLD is a cut above. We offer services and use technologies rarely found in skilled care facilities. From the moment you arrive, it’s clear we’re different.

At SKLD, our care – and our culture – are empowered by Illuminate HC.


What is Illuminate HC?

Illuminate HC is leading the way in modernizing skilled care. 

Driven to be a catalyst of change in a healthcare setting that has been slow to evolve, Illuminate HC created the industry’s leading Research and Development Lab. More than a place, it’s a mindset of innovation and a hive for collaboration with people inside and outside of health care. 

The results? New solutions to age-old problems. New staffing models. New technologies. New thinking that is improving care and delighting patients.

Illumination in Action

Illuminate HC works shoulder-to-shoulder with SKLD to elevate patient and family experiences and to nurture a great environment for staff. Our patients – and our care teams -- benefit from Illuminate HC’s ground-breaking ideas, proprietary technologies, unique service and training programs, and practical, onsite expertise. Their laser focus on continuous improvement, accelerates our capacity to provide a level of care, comfort and convenience rarely found in nursing homes. 

Here are some of the ways SKLD care differs from most:

  • We utilize SNFists. A SNFist is a doctor who manages the care of people while they are in a skilled facility. Our SNFists round on patients, lead care teams, coordinate and communicate with patients, families, hospitals and personal physicians. They get to know their patients, so even small changes in their health can be noticed early and treated quickly.

  • Our nurses can spend more uninterrupted time with their patients because we use unique staff positions to support them. We don’t staff to meet ratios, we staff to meet needs. And, one of our most important needs is to maximize the time our nurses can spend with patients and families

  • We also have a pharmacist on our care team. Most nursing homes rely upon a monthly visit from a pharmacy consultant. At SKLD, we value the added layer of medication management and oversight an on-staff pharmacist provides. This is critically important for patients with chronic conditions, complex medication needs and to assure medication protocols change as medical conditions change.

  • We use technologies most facilities simply won’t invest in. Like:

    • A best-in-class electronic medical record system that supports patient needs before, during and after SKLD care

    • A one-of-a-kind communication and service platform that allows SKLD patients to arrange their day, their way

    • A patented, award-winning logistics system that allows us to communicate via wearable devices, so we can respond to patient needs quickly and consistently with the most appropriate staff person

    • An app our employees can use to communicate across teams or across facilities and to provide easy, 24/7 access to information and systems that help them do their jobs

  • We don’t simply want the best care teams, we actively cultivate a culture and compensation strategy to attract and retain the best.

  • We LOVE our work and it shows in the attitude of our caregivers and in the atmosphere they create for patients and their families.