More like a hospital.

SKLD is more like a hospital than a typical nursing home. 

From the scope and caliber of our staff, to our clinical capabilities and our ability to honor personal preferences, SKLD is a cut above. We offer services and use technologies rarely found in skilled care facilities. From the moment you arrive, it’s clear we’re different.

At SKLD, our care – and our culture – are empowered by Illuminate HC.


What Our Patients and Families Say About Us

  • I would give SKLD 10 stars if could. I truly enjoyed my stay there and wish my insurance would have allowed me another couple weeks in their care. By the end of my stay their I felt I was leaving friends that cared about me. I kinda miss them. Everything was excellant, the staff from top to bottom, the place is clean, bright, the food was way above institutional fare many places serve. Their doctors and nurses are top notch and professional. They treat you like a real human being. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD West Bloomfield

  • My brother is a patient here; this facility is very pleasant, as he enjoys his stay here. The facility is maintained well, and clean. The staff members are accommodating towards my concerns from management down. If there is a problem, we are notified immediately about them =). We feel that if one would had to put a family member in this type of facility, I'd highly recommend this one! ^Jacqueline Vines, SKLD Whitehall, April 2019

  • I'm a short term resident here, so I'm going to give you a quick review since I've been here. The Grade I'd like to leave this facility is a 9/10! From the time I got here they told me everything I needed to know from when my laundry would be done, to all the care I'll need to get back home. I did not have a Tv when I arrived late in the day, so they got me a tv in the room within minutes, the staff was extremely receptive to my situation in therapy and very understanding that they have to work around my dialysis. They even set up my transportation to dialysis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! they make sure that transportation is here within 5 min of the scheduled time of arrival. The days I go to Dialysis they provide a to-go lunch for me which usually includes a sandwich, cookies, chips, drink and additional snack. The Facility is Very, very Clean. The CNA's here have been getting to me in a timely manner, and even the Unit mgr. Tim comes in to see me everyday before he leaves. I'd say everyone is an expert from the lower level staff to upper management. They give me a bulletin board that lists all the activities each day for the month, and the staff will come down to remind me and invited me to them. Also, they've provided me with some special things like haircuts, lunch in my room and Day room seating areas!! Things are Great Here! ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Whitehall, March 2019

  • SKLD staff, including nursing, PT, OT, ST, nurse management, administration assistants, and nurse aides have been congenial and have provided helpful and compassionate care for our loved one. Medical staff have followed up on specific issues of concern and have directed further evaluation and treatment as needed. The financial assistant has been helpful in explaining our case and has been available for questions. Coming from a less regulated facility, we see more state mandated medication regulations, but believe the changes made have been communicated and followed up adequately by medical staff. In comparison to another facility experience we have had, the same issues exist regarding communication of care needs, especially for the individual who cannot speak for her/himself. It’s important to be present often to communicate needs to staff and advocate on behalf of our loved one. When we have made a recommendation or expressed dissatisfaction regarding an issue to management personnel, they have followed up and worked to resolve the problem.The individuals caring for our family member work diligently and we appreciate their compassionate and cheerful service. Many are worth their weight in gold. ^Mark and Debbi Gordon, SKLD Whitehall, March 2019

  • We are greatly appreciative of the staff at SKLD West Bloomfield who showed sincere compassion for our mother during her two rehabilitation visits. We witnessed the aides, nursing staff, PT, OT, administrative team, social worker, doctor, maintenance, transitional care liaison, and nutritionist care for our mother. Many of them took time to develop a relationship with her, looked out for her specific needs, and even inquired how we were doing. Staff provided updates when we visited (or via phone calls as needed) to communicate her progress or any changes in her routine. Our mother felt comfortable in her room, enjoyed the chef's selections, and progressed with the support of the entire team. ^Susan Payne, SKLD West Bloomfield, March 2019

  • I've been at SKLD for over a month and I don't know if there's enough words to explain the great care. and the way the staff treated me if I had a problem it was taken care of at once and that's wasn't the end the office would keep in touch to make sure it was handle the nurses and aides treated me with respect the office staff is great and very helpful and you're not just a patient but a person with feeling. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Muskegon, March 2019

  • All of the nurses and therapists and entire staff are empathetic, caring, well informed and made me feel like at the moment the most important person in the whole wide world was me. Thank you’s to ALL. One last thing—the food was very good, sufficient and very well prepared. I recommend SKLD to anyone who needs the services they provide. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Leonard, March 2019

  • Thank you admissions staff and housekeeping for helping my dad feel welcome and well taken care of while in your care! A special shout out to Kristie, head of housekeeping at SKLD Wyoming, Mi, who went above and beyond to make sure my dad had a window with a view of a bird feeder. This was a sweet thing to do and as a family we are very appreciative. ^Debra Willison, SKLD Wyoming, March 2019

  • I would like to thank everyone who took such great care of me. I would like to personally thank my therapists Kim and Kathy and the social worker Kevin. I appreciate what the nurses and everyone here did for me. If anyone needs to go somewhere for rehab, SKLD Leonard is the place to go. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Leonard, March 2019

  • As a past resident I've thoroughly enjoyed the physical and occupational therapy!! I gave them a hard time but I really enjoyed them and wish I could of taken them home with me =)! I thoroughly appreciate all the staff that would come in and hold my hand to calm down during my major anxiety attacks. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Whitehall February 2019

  • I was very, very satisfied with my stay here, and staff was like family, whenever I asked staff a question they would get back to me as soon as possible with an answer. There was a couple of times I was embarrassed given my situation, and the staff step in to comfort me and make me feel better throughout my stay. I had more experiences with the night nurses than the night nurses because the day time nurses are very busy. The meals were all good, and even in between meals they would offer options that would satisfy me. I would go again in a heart beat, and would be extremely happy if I was told I was going again. The therapy team was very thorough when working with me and was a huge help in getting me past my insurance barriers. ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Whitehall, February 2019

  • My father was admitted to SKLD Plymouth. The person from admissions contacted me and told me that he made it there over the weekend and asked me did I have any questions or concerns. She was very polite and caring and made the transition very pleasant. When he got to SKLD he was greeted by all staff with warm smiles. The facility was very clean and his room was spotless. The nursing staff provided quality care to my father and treated him with dignity and respect. From the housekeepers, laundry, kitchen workers, management even the receptionist made him feel welcomed. My father is very pleased with his stay at SKLD and I'm happy that I chose them to take care of my father. They really take pride in providing excellent patient care and putting the resident first. ^Tamika E. SKLD Plymouth, February 2019

  • Prior to and after my mother’s passing, the staff were extremely caring, supportive, helpful and professional. We could not have asked for a more compassionate group of people to help us through this difficult time. ^Jan Devries, SKLD Zeeland, February 2019

  • Excellent care and therapy. They were very attentive to my needs and I felt that the staff genuinely cared about their patients. Thank you for all you did for me!  ^Name withheld for patient privacy, SKLD Bloomfield Hills, February 2019

 What is Illuminate HC?

Illuminate HC is leading the way in modernizing skilled care. 

Driven to be a catalyst of change in a healthcare setting that has been slow to evolve, Illuminate HC created the industry’s leading Research and Development Lab. More than a place, it’s a mindset of innovation and a hive for collaboration with people inside and outside of health care. 

The results? New solutions to age-old problems. New staffing models. New technologies. New thinking that is improving care and delighting patients.

Illumination in Action

Illuminate HC works shoulder-to-shoulder with SKLD to elevate patient and family experiences and to nurture a great environment for staff. Our patients – and our care teams -- benefit from Illuminate HC’s ground-breaking ideas, proprietary technologies, unique service and training programs, and practical, onsite expertise. Their laser focus on continuous improvement, accelerates our capacity to provide a level of care, comfort and convenience rarely found in nursing homes. 

Here are some of the ways SKLD care differs from most:

  • We utilize SNFists. A SNFist is a doctor who manages the care of people while they are in a skilled facility. Our SNFists round on patients, lead care teams, coordinate and communicate with patients, families, hospitals and personal physicians. They get to know their patients, so even small changes in their health can be noticed early and treated quickly.

  • Our nurses can spend more uninterrupted time with their patients because we use unique staff positions to support them. We don’t staff to meet ratios, we staff to meet needs. And, one of our most important needs is to maximize the time our nurses can spend with patients and families

  • We also have a pharmacist on our care team. Most nursing homes rely upon a monthly visit from a pharmacy consultant. At SKLD, we value the added layer of medication management and oversight an on-staff pharmacist provides. This is critically important for patients with chronic conditions, complex medication needs and to assure medication protocols change as medical conditions change.

  • We use technologies most facilities simply won’t invest in. Like:

    • A best-in-class electronic medical record system that supports patient needs before, during and after SKLD care

    • A one-of-a-kind communication and service platform that allows SKLD patients to arrange their day, their way

    • A patented, award-winning logistics system that allows us to communicate via wearable devices, so we can respond to patient needs quickly and consistently with the most appropriate staff person

    • An app our employees can use to communicate across teams or across facilities and to provide easy, 24/7 access to information and systems that help them do their jobs

  • We don’t simply want the best care teams, we actively cultivate a culture and compensation strategy to attract and retain the best.

  • We LOVE our work and it shows in the attitude of our caregivers and in the atmosphere they create for patients and their families.