SKLD Perrysburg Gains Strength with the Right Skilled Nursing Support

After a stint in the hospital, no one wants a delayed discharge, but in hindsight, it was Michael Moran’s good fortune. Michael had been admitted to St. Vincent’s Mercy Hospital in Perrysburg, Oh., in early August and then turned to a conveniently located skilled nursing facility for rehab. But, Michael had an NG tube, and it took a five hour wait to determine that this facility wouldn’t meet his needs.

Michael made the fortuitous choice to turn to SKLD Perrysburg instead. “I’ve been to other facilities but none like this. I’ve had therapy at other places, and they did therapy back to back then left me in the room the rest of the day, so I lost the strength I had just gained. But SKLD Perrysburg rehabilitation was different. My therapy sessions were scheduled at separate times so I could do my best. And when I wasn’t in therapy, I was encouraged to get up out of my bed. I got stronger because I was moving all day.”

SKLD Perrysburg resident Michael Moran pictured with his team of support.

SKLD Perrysburg resident Michael Moran pictured with his team of support.

Michael’s recovery was thanks to his determination, combined with the right therapy and staff to support him. Upon arrival at SKLD Perrysburg, the first person he met was a nurse, John Tercha. Michael explained his frustration with the NG Tube and the other facility. That’s when Michael first realized SKLD was different. “John told me he would help to get the tubes out as soon as possible.” 

Michael met with a speech therapist and dietitian immediately, and they upgraded his diet so that Nurse John was able to remove the NG Tube. It was a game changer for him. 

With tremendous relief and gratitude, Michael says,

“I have full respect for all of the people who helped me here. This place is different. They care. John made me a promise, and he kept that promise. The nurse aides are so helpful and respectful when they come in my room. The rehabilitation therapists are great - Chelsea, Emily and Tom asked me about my life and cared. They did all they could do to help me get stronger.” 

SKLD Perrysburg administrator Craig Sunday says Nurse John is “super confident” in his clinical skills it takes to provide care for patients with an NG Tube, remove it and avoid hospital readmission. 

Overall, Michael says he is “nothing but happy with everything about SKLD Perrysburg. Housekeeping was great; they kept my room very clean. The food was surprisingly good; they always asked what I wanted to eat and took care of me. But best of all, I was able to recover and discharge home a lot quicker than I thought possible - they got the tube out and therapy made me strong enough to return home.”

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Wendy Margolin